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[Forum] RE: Punctuation and italics
Ever get that feeling that you might be right, but you're still not happy? :) I once asked a math teacher why an equation wound up proving something completely incorrect. I knew it was wrong, she knew it was wrong, and yet neither or us could figure out why. The next day she showed me where I'd us

[Forum] Putting terms in quotes or italicizing them
In the below sentence, should 'inguistic prophylaxis' be in quotation marks, Italicized, or both? Alongside Stewart, who emphasizes the role of “linguistic prophylaxis” to avoid the swaggering and bombastic side of self-writing... Thank you in advance for the clarification.

[Forum] Capitalization of map titles
Howdy folks! I'm having trouble finding a clear rule on this--should the titles of specific maps be capitalized and italicized as in the case of specific articles or books? (i.e. [i]Beinecke Map[/i] and [i]Metztitlán Map[/i]) Thanks!

[Forum] 1. Titles to TV programs 2. Italicizing phrases in a foreign language
Does anyone know in which edition of the CMOS the titles of TV programs went from being enclosed in quotation marks to being italicized? The 13th edition had TV program titles (e.g., "Sesame Street") enclosed in quotation marks. Also, how serious a lapse is enclosing a TV program title in quotation

[Forum] RE: Partial book title
8.159 deals with omitting an article at the beginning of a title in colloquial references, and 14.226–7 talk about shortened forms of court cases. In both, the shortened versions are italicized, so I would say italicize in your case as well.

[Forum] RE: Ancient Sources Annotation
I don't think it's both italicized and quoted. [url=]This[/url].

[Forum] RE: Is Huffpost italicized
The name of the aggregator is internally capitalized as [i]HuffPost[/i]. Whether it should be set in italics or roman is difficult to determine, as it sits in a gray area, as mentioned explicitly in [url=]CMOS 8.192[/url].

[Forum] RE: Cap "the Pledge"?
I figured she only italicized it to indicate to us which words she was referring too, not that she would do so in the document. Good example of a shortened title that would still remain capped. I would still lowercase "the pledge" though. After the class said the pledge, they sat down and g

[Forum] RE: Questionable plural of word treated as word?
Alternatively, could these work (regardless of whether Chicago would use them)? “was”es, “his”es, “is”es, “as”es, “us”es, "and"s, "or"s etc. These are definitely easier to read than the italicized versions, no? Simply place the word as a word to be pluralized inside of quotation marks follo

[Forum] Italicize exclamation point
“[i]You started a fire in the kitchen[/i]!” Andrew said. In this work of fiction, the dialogue of certain characters appears in italics to indicate they are speaking in their native tongue (not English). In the quote above, should the exclamation point be italicized?

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