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[Forum] RE: Italics for a company name
I can't think of a good reason to italicize the name of a company except pure vanity. If the italicized company is paying you, italicize it if that's what they want. Otherwise, normal procedure would call for roman type.

[Forum] RE: Titles of short films
I believe the thinking behind the rule isn't so much about the length of the work, but the fact that the work, while a complete unit in of itself, would likely be considered to exist "inside" a larger work or part of a larger work. So songs are put in quotation marks because they often exist as

[Forum] RE: Punctuation/formatting of title within title within title
See [url=]CMOS 8.173: Italicized terms and titles within titles[/url].

[Forum] Title of a Seminar
I wanted to know how what form to use for the title of a seminar? Would it be in quotation marks, italicized, or just capitalize all the first letters in each word of the title?

[Forum] RE: Italics in publisher's name
Could you tell us a bit more. Running text and bibliography of what? A book? An article? Is it in French or in English? Is the name of the company translated into English? Even on their own website it is handled inconsistently. The first paragraph on the Historique page, it is in roman. But d

[Forum] RE: Commas inside quotation marks of title
Nothing should be italicized if you are using quotation marks.

[Forum] RE: Italics or quotes for the name of a report
After a search on the Internet, I'm inclined to italicize the report, like a book title. There seems to more cases where the report title is italicized. A sample:

[Forum] RE: Punctuating dialogue and its translation
I wouldn't put the translation into italics though.  Note that in the link I gave you, the translations were not italicized. Also, just to confuse the issue further, here is another section you should take a look at:  I don't

[Forum] RE: The use of German nouns and capitalization
Thanks Pixna. The Oxford dictionary has zeitgeist in lowercase, with no accompanying note, but it does feel wrong to me. If we are going to borrow words from other languages, we should take them as they come, accents, caps and all... If it is italicized, to indicate it is a foreign word, I do fee

[Forum] RE: Italicized or Bold
I agree with Pixna about not italicizing great swaths of text. It's used for emphasis, which according to CMOS should be limited to only a few words at a time and not very often. But I also like the idea of using a "soft" bold for the keywords. Saves the student from having to highlight all the

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