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[Forum] Punctuation & Italicized Dialogue
Two questions re: punctuation and italicized dialogue. I'm looking at [i]CMoS[/i] 6.2 but still find this unclear, especially with the first question. *When dialogue is set off by italics rather than quotation marks, is closing punctuation italicized? ex: She said, [i]I'd rather not go there.[/

[Forum] Section 7.12: Plural form of italicized words
Section 7.12—Plural form of italicized words—shows "too many [i]sic[/i]s" as an example. The word [i]sic[/i] is italicized but not the "s" at the end. That said, the examples below (I believe) follow suit and are technically correct as well. This, of course, is for the plurals of [b]words as word

[Forum] RE: Book Titles Within Italicized Text?
Hi, and welcome to the forum. Yes, the italics should be reversed. Something that would normally be italicized should be made roman when the rest of a text block is italicized. Please don't use underlines . . . ever. (Sorry, but underlines are really old school.)

[Forum] Book of Mormon
Hi, all! I'm copyediting a book, from a very good dev editor, who, however, has italicized The Book of Mormon, and, thus, to match, italicized the Bible. 8.103 is really clear about religious texts and I know Bible is never italicized in running text. The Book of Mormon is not mentioned in [i

[Forum] RE: italicize ™ symbol?
If it's part of the name, the trademark symbol should be italicized if the name is italicized. However, I'd question why the name is being italicized and why the trademark symbol is being included. Although fiction may not subscribe to standard style guides, these are important questions that, as an

[Forum] Titles within Italicized Text
In my current novel, the title of one of Shakespeare's plays appears in a section of italicized text which represents a notice from a newspaper gossip column. How do I make the play title stand out from the other italicized text? Should it be in quotation marks or in regular type face?

[Forum] RE: Italicized dialogue, quotation marks
I've seen the italicized spoken foreign words and placed in quotes just like regular speech. I like the italicized inner speech without quotation marks or even dialog tags. I see that a lot. What genre is the work?

[Forum] RE: Italicizing Ship Names
Thanks so much for the welcome, Pixna, and thank you for the helpful reply, as well! I suspected that the names should also be italicized in dialogue, and I'm happy for the confirmation. Several times in the book a ship's name has appeared in a wholly-italicized passage, and the name was italicized

[Forum] RE: Confirm how to get italics in forum
I can get italics by selecting the text to be italicized and either clicking the italicized I icon above the text entry box or by hitting Control-I (on a Windows computer): [i]Italicized text[/i]. If that doesn't work, the next step might be ask if you have a browser add-on that would interfere w

[Forum] RE: Should the name of a musical instrument in a foreign language be italicized?
No, it's not a familiar word. So I guess it should be italicized. Thank you!

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