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[Forum] RE: Twilight Convention - how to italicize
I comforted myself by thinking that actually I was going on a fact-finding mission to see what these [i]Twilight [/i]conventions were all about, as more of a journalist. But in this context - when it is not the proper name of the convention, I would have to keep it italicized, correct?

[Forum] Titles of movies in dialog
In a work of fiction a character is listing movies. Sam replied, "Days of Thunder, Jerry Maguire, Rainman, Minority Report, Top Gun." Should the movies be italicized as in regular text?

[Forum] Re: Possessive of italicized name
Thanks, plusone. I couldn't find this in CMOS, which doesn't necessarily mean it's not there. If CMOS doesn't advise to the contrary, I'll italicize only the actual vessel name (if I don't just recast the sentence).

[Forum] Christ's Passion
For those with more knowledge of Christianity than me (pretty much everyone), should Christ's Passion be italicized since it's the name of a performance of sorts?

[Forum] Socratic dialogue
Should the title of a Socratic dialogue—in this case, The Meno—be italicized? Quotation marks, maybe?

[Forum] Should a series title be italicized?
I would italicize [i]The Lord of the Rings[/i] because it's the overall title of the story. But I wouldn't italicize the Chronicles of Narnia because they are seven distinct stories. Am I splitting hairs in a meaningful way? ~Valerie

[Forum] RE: CMOS vs CMS
Hi, all! Over the weekend I had the opportunity to hear Carol Fisher Saller introduce the updates to [i]CMOS[/i] 17 to a group of editors. During the Q&A she confirmed that the proper abbreviation is [i]CMOS[/i], italicized, since [i]CMOS[/i] is NOT the Bible.

[Forum] RE: Italic versus roman in name plurals?
I've never seen an italicized plural where the "s" was roman and the rest of the word was in italics. The plural is part of the name, just as it would be if you were writing a family name -- [i]the Browns, the Smiths, and the Johnsons[/i]. Welcome to the forum!

[Forum] RE: Italicize names of foreign government programs?
I concur with Panglossy. I just edited a book with many of these foreign terms, and proper nouns in a foreign language are not italicized. And welcome to the forum! [img][/img]

[Forum] RE: Punctuation and italics
Ever get that feeling that you might be right, but you're still not happy? :) I once asked a math teacher why an equation wound up proving something completely incorrect. I knew it was wrong, she knew it was wrong, and yet neither or us could figure out why. The next day she showed me where I'd us

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