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[Forum] ad hoc - roman or italics?
I'm taking an editing course and my group is having a debate over whether "ad hoc" should be set in roman type or italicized. I have read over the sections in question, but since ad hoc wasn't one of the listed examples, wanted to double check. Anyone know the proper way this word should be treat

[Forum] RE: the nth degree
I didn't even know that when using letters as letters the letters should be italicized. (How's [i]that[/i] for repetition?) I've always preferred either a cap or quotation marks, not both, and definitely not italics and a cap, regardless of the context. (See [url=

[Forum] RE: use of italics for titles when used WITHIN quotations
Nobody applies italics in speech unless they're air italics meant to imply sarcasm. Whether something is in quoted dialogue has no bearing on whether appropriate treatment should be applied to a book or film title. Yes, of course it should be italicized.

[Forum] RE: Comma or no comma?
words as words are generally italicized not set in quotation marks. Chicago uses italics for this example ... why would you set in quotes?

[Forum] italicizing Kama Sutra
Hi, all, I'm editing a text (by another editor) that refers to the Kama Sutra in a list of other books; the title is not italicized. Wondering if this falls under CMOS 8.102. Thanks much.

[Forum] RE: Italicized or Bold
If you have the option to do so, you may want to discuss this with the book's designer. A good designer may be able to subtly "soften" the bold so it stands out on the page without overwhelming the rest of the type.

[Forum] RE: Twilight Convention - how to italicize
I comforted myself by thinking that actually I was going on a fact-finding mission to see what these [i]Twilight [/i]conventions were all about, as more of a journalist. But in this context - when it is not the proper name of the convention, I would have to keep it italicized, correct?

[Forum] Titles of movies in dialog
In a work of fiction a character is listing movies. Sam replied, "Days of Thunder, Jerry Maguire, Rainman, Minority Report, Top Gun." Should the movies be italicized as in regular text?

[Forum] Re: Possessive of italicized name
Thanks, plusone. I couldn't find this in CMOS, which doesn't necessarily mean it's not there. If CMOS doesn't advise to the contrary, I'll italicize only the actual vessel name (if I don't just recast the sentence).

[Forum] Socratic dialogue
Should the title of a Socratic dialogue—in this case, The Meno—be italicized? Quotation marks, maybe?

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