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[Forum] RE: Track Changes for everything or not?
I also turn off TC for those simple little edits that you know are just basic. Two spaces, quotes turned the right way, fixing the font size when it suddenly got wrong for a line or two, etc. I want TC on whenever it's something the author might want to overrule me about. Or as you say, when it'

[Forum] RE: Spaces with Initials
[quote='Pixna' pid='11294' dateline='1372505794'] For company names, just go with however the company lists it. [/quote] Easier said than done. Is it J. C. Penney? JCPenney? jcpenney? JCP? jcp? Go with however you think looks the most reasonable.

[Forum] RE: Spaces with Initials
I believe CMOS has relevant sections on the personal names. I'll let you look them up yourself. For company names, you can either punctuate per the company's own style or create your own style.

[Forum] RE: Spacing Between Sentences
[quote='Loopy3505' pid='5256' dateline='1335458993'] The one exception I see consistent throughout is that court documents and depositions seem to be in the old typewriter monospaced format and use the two spaces after the period. [/quote] lol yes! why is that anyway? It seems like a hangover

[Forum] RE: Spacing Between Sentences
Thanks, [b]Suzanne[/b]. I agree with you (on all points). :D [b]Whisper[/b], I certainly didn't mean to flame you. That's not my style. I'm just super passionate about people not putting two spaces between sentences. It has driven me nuts since, well, since everyone has had access to personal com

[Forum] Venting
arrrgh one of my clients just put back all of the hyphens (or spaces!) with common prefixes and rejected M-W standard spellings for nonstandard spellings for various terms throughout her thesis. lol...what can we do with our "active" clients... (Not sure if I'm opening a can of worms with a vent

[Forum] RE: Spaces in Company's Name
One is inclined to think the letterhead of a company is a part and parcel of its identity; it may be established as a result of some deliberation, and a professional consultation before adopting it. So, it makes sense not to mess with it: if every new-hiree spelled the name to his/her satisfaction,

[Forum] RE: Virgule Spaces
I wrestle with this too. At one point, I read you should put a space after / if the terms before and after it contain more than one word, but I can't agree with that and can't find that rule in a well-accepted manual. I noticed in CMOS 16 ed. suggests a space before and after may be useful when o

[Forum] RE: Ellipses with periods
Thank you for your help! Are you saying that normally following a period there for a new sentence there is 2 spaces in between but for the ellipses it is just 1 space? And there is one space both before the ellipse begins and afterwards? Would the correct responses to my initial question then b

[Forum] RE: question as part of a sentence
I have a preference for em-dashes, thus I'd write, with a small change required at the beginning: [i][b]That[/b] question What is the mind? has been mostly attacked from the discipline of philosophy rather than biology. [/i] Mind, I also prefer the British-style em-dashes, with spaces arou

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