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[Forum] RE: Ellipses with periods
Thank you for your help! Are you saying that normally following a period there for a new sentence there is 2 spaces in between but for the ellipses it is just 1 space? And there is one space both before the ellipse begins and afterwards? Would the correct responses to my initial question then b

[Forum] RE: Virgule Spaces
I wrestle with this too. At one point, I read you should put a space after / if the terms before and after it contain more than one word, but I can't agree with that and can't find that rule in a well-accepted manual. I noticed in CMOS 16 ed. suggests a space before and after may be useful when o

[Forum] RE: ellipses with serial list
So, here's the section on ellipses: Your sentence looks fine (except you need spaces before and after, and between each of the dots). So, you're really only wanting one set of ellipses in that one sentence?  It looks much neat

[Forum] Space or no space
Do spaces come under punctuation? Regardless, here goes: With the abbreviation kN for kilonewton and J for joule, should there be a space between the number and the abbreviation? 6 kN or 6kN 7 J or 7J

[Forum] RE: who v whom
[quote='UserTK' pid='21518' dateline='1418192308'] Bingo. "You felt" is extraneous information and could correctly be enclosed by commas or parens. The "who" under discussion is still subjectively having other qualities. Strike "you felt" from the sentence as a test. [/quote] I am sorry, I unde

[Forum] RE: spacing with em dashes
No spaces. See [url=]CMOS 2.13[/url]. [quote='CMOS']For an em dash—one that indicates a break in a sentence like this—either use the em dash character on your word processor or type two hyphens (leave no space on either side).[/quote]

[Forum] RE: Conqueror
How fun when your author likes your work! I'm having a similar experience with my current job. And no, Diane, I am definitely the slowest editor in the world. Not you. ;-) But he's paying me by the hour and doesn't mind since I am so very careful. I'm now reading it for the third time, all the wa

[Forum] RE: Open vs. closed em dashes
From what I can tell in CMOS, the em dashes are always closed. My personal preference – as in this example – is the spaced en dash. The em dash is just too long, in my opinion, and without spaces it's too cluttered-looking to me. In the UK, the hyphen is accepted as a dash (ugh!).

[Forum] RE: Tagging?
I am assuming the "dots" are hyperlinks to examples or whatever. Without seeing your specific example, I am guessing. [quote](A) A Miscalculation Bunch of stuff. (B) A Bigger Miscalculation More stuff. ( C ) And So On.[/quote] I had to leave extra spaces around the C. Otherwise, i

[Forum] RE: Open vs. closed em dashes
[quote='Pixna' pid='11738' dateline='1373473445'] I knew they had this somewhere but I couldn't find it. Thanks, UTK! I believe they mean no character spaces all the time. [/quote] Don't thank me! I didn't find the "rule," and I still think this should be up to the designer. That's what they ar

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