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[Forum] RE: Spacing Between Sentences
thanks for that info loopy, very interesting stuff! I worked for a family lawyer one summer during grad school, and it was definitely interesting to say the least! and yeah, I still type two spaces all of the time in my own comments to authors and have a tough time shaking the habit because I was

[Forum] RE: Open vs. closed em dashes
[quote='Pixna' pid='11738' dateline='1373473445'] I knew they had this somewhere but I couldn't find it. Thanks, UTK! I believe they mean no character spaces all the time. [/quote] Don't thank me! I didn't find the "rule," and I still think this should be up to the designer. That's what they ar

[Forum] RE: using a double space for tables?
Hi, tdanuza, and welcome to the forum. Are you asking about consecutive spaces, or line spacing (i.e., space between paragraphs)? [url=]Chapter 3[/url] covers tables and illustrations; I learned a lot about formatting tables from that chapter.

[Forum] RE: Virgule Spaces
[quote='Pixna' pid='5186' dateline='1334769190'] .... See [url=]CMOS 6.104: Slashes to signify alternatives[/url]. ...[/quote] Thank you for this reference. I now have fodder for my argument against. :) As for userTK's comment, I agr

[Forum] Virgule Spaces
Does anybody agree that a single space looks OK on each side of a virgule? I think that sometimes the single space facilitates ease of reading. Text: In some specialized scientific uses: for example, it shows that a person has two different alleles of a gene, such as G6PD*A / G6PD*B.

[Forum] "F" or "degrees Fahrenheit"?
Which is preferred--[i]F[/i] or [i]degrees Fahrenheit[/i]? Example: She set the oven's temperature [b]at[/b] (or [b]to[/b]) 450F (or 450 degrees Fahrenheit?). If one uses the degree symbol, is it 450F (with no spaces)? Many thanks!!!

[Forum] adverb not ending in -ly plus noun, as subject
Near-panic swept the city[i].[/i] [i]or[/i] Near panic swept the city. I incline toward the former for clarity; even though a reader would be unlikely to misread "near" as "nearby," in the second example, the two words don't seem sufficiently connected. In this particular pairing, I might eve

[Forum] RE: space around equals sign in text
I agree with UTK on this. If the work is going to a designer, extra spaces will create problems, especially with line breaks. I'd include a note to the designer to add a hairline space before and after the equal sign and to avoid breaking the string at the end of a line.

[Forum] RE: Making an ellipse
Yeah, that's what I meant, Tut. :) I do space period space period space period space. If you're able to include nonbreaking spaces, that's the way to go, of course.

[Forum] RE: Spacing Between Sentences
What's especially funny to me is that last Friday I was at a presentation by Amanda Hesser, who recently published [i]The Essential New York Times Cook Book[/i] with recipes from the 150-year history of the [i]Times[/i]. While we early arrivals were waiting to go in, someone asked me this same quest

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