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[Forum] RE: Capitalization following em-dash
Here's the section in CMOS that you want to read. I'd use the em-dash, close up the spaces on both sides, and not capitalize the "darn." "I don't give a da—darn what happens here."

[Forum] Spacing Between Sentences
The guide recommends one space between sentences and after colons, but I've seen other guides that recommend two spaces. What is the thinking on this? Are these truly just recommendations, or do publishers tend to have pretty strict rules about them? I would hate to have a manuscript rejected ove

[Forum] RE: Neither-nor question
[quote='Lorem Ipsum' pid='34969' dateline='1510464052'] Some designers like the spaces, and I think this could be fairly considered a design issue. [/quote] What we or designers think doesn't affect CMOS standards.

[Forum] RE: from this to that
[quote='RGJaxon' pid='24196' dateline='1437601233'] Speaking of song lyrics, eh? :-) [/quote] Her pronouns were all in agreement Her commas were in the right places Her sentences all separated By only singular spaces. I'd better stop before I get myself in trouble, if I haven't already.

[Forum] RE: Open vs. closed em dashes
Em dashes (in CMOS) do not have spaces before or after them. Just take a look at any of the examples in the book or, for starters, see [url=]CMOS 6.82[/url]. If the designer wants to add a hairline space before and after the em dash for aes

[Forum] RE: Spacing before and after forward slash
I'm probably stating the obvious but I would not use a space around slashes in doi numbers or URLs. I would use a space when the slash indicates mathematical division (not even sure if that is acceptable off the top of my head, but I know the spaces would be appropriate there). As others have mentio

[Forum] Making an ellipse
I'm curious. What method do you use in making an ellipse? The Microsoft Word special character (ellipse) or the creation of a macro consisting of nonbreaking spaces and periods?

[Forum] RE: Punctuation
Well, it might depend on the software, but I just went and tried it in Word. If I don't put spaces before or after the em-dash, it only breaks after the dash. In other words it keeps the dash with the word before it. When I put a space before and after, it allows a break in either location, before

[Forum] re:spaces in company's name
Thanks---it has been done both ways on company letterhead, sales literature, various printed documents. No one in the company has raised the issue until now. That's why I'm just trying to get a sense of what is common practice. And it's interesting to recommend what is on the letterhead...

[Forum] RE: En or em dash or hyphen? Colon?
I think it depends on the context. My first instinct (like Pixna's) is to use a colon. I've just checked my MW (both hard copy and online), and they use a colon. However, in certain informal usage, I might use a hyphen (with spaces before and after, as you have it in your question).

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