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[Forum] Use of [sic]
This is a fairly urgent deadline question... CMOS 13.61 says "sic" is traditionally set in italics and may be inserted in brackets, which the example shows set in roman. However, CMOS 13.61 doesn't specify what to do if the surrounding text is itself italicized? Would the brackets remain roman and "

[Forum] Italicizing Japanese honorific
Foreign words that aren't commonly found in an English dictionary should be italicized, but what is the rule regarding honorifics attached to names, such as Kazuhiro-senpai. Should "senpai" be italicized (at least the first time used) or set Roman? Thanks! Linda

[Forum] RE: Setting a naked subtitle
It's really pretty simple. According to CMOS 14.94 "Book titles and subtitles are italicized." It shouldn't matter if the subtitle stands alone or in context with the main title, it would still be italicized.

[Forum] titles
According to CMOS 17.157, "Book titles and other normally italicized terms remain italicized within an article title." The example given that I think applies here (although in bibliography format) is: Loften, Peter. “Reverberations between Wordplay and Swordplay in [i]Hamlet[/i].” Aeolian Studies

[Forum] RE: Titles within Italicized Text
The gossip column text is italicized to make it stand out from the rest of the prose in the book. I do the same with letters in a book. I will unitalicized the play title. Thank you for your help.

[Forum] Game Names
Should computer games such as [i]World of Warcraft[/i] be italicized in a text in accordance with the rule on composition/book titles (Chicago 8.189)? If so, should board game titles such as [i]Monopoly[/i] and [i]Cluedo[/i] also be italicized? Many thanks, Deirdre

[Forum] Re: Possesstive of italicized name
Wikipedia's style guide indicates that the apostrophe-[i]s[/i] should not be italicized, which makes sense to me, as it is not part of the vessel's name. You could also sidestep the issue by recasting the sentence (e.g., "the

[Forum] RE: Words as Words
Of course there is a rule for this, with [i]Gone with the Wind[/i] as example, no less! 7.28 Possessive with italicized or quoted terms As with plurals, when an italicized term appears in roman text, the possessive s should be set in roman. When the last element is plural in form, add only an ap

[Forum] RE: Italicized dialogue, quotation marks
I'd like to keep the internal dialogue italicized. There's a lot of it, and a lot of spoken dialogue, and I need to differentiate between them.

[Forum] RE: Names of ships
I agree with RGJaxon that CMoS says to italicize ship names. I've read a lot of military science fiction where battles are reported (sometimes seemingly endlessly). The ship names are always italicized, regardless of frequency. I am encountering a different issue regarding the names of ships. Cur

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