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[Forum] RE: Punctuating dialogue and its translation
Yes, the link you gave did not use italics. 1) The manuscript has translated material (including barking of a dog) italicized, and I figured the author has some liberty to do so, just as thoughts and text messages can be italicized. 2) In the second link, note that the section talks about fore

[Forum] Italicizing magazine name when used in Q&A format
Hi all, A magazine I edit publishes interviews in Q&A form in which the interviewer is identified only by the name of the magazine, like so: MAGAZINE NAME: When did you first visit New York? JOHN SMITH: I went there for the first time in 2007. Should the magazine name be italicized even in

[Forum] RE: To italicize or Not to italicize
While [i]Fortune[/i] alone should be italicized because it's the name of a magazine, the Fortune 500 list isn't, and therefore doesn't need to be italicized. ~Valerie

[Forum] Desperately need an answer; hoping you can help
I desperately need a definitive answer from the professional experts on this forum. In the seventeenth edition, Chicago uses “too many [i]sic[/i]s” (with an italicized [i]sic[/i] and an unitalicized “s”). I do realize there are better options, but I am trying to understand the mechanics of this p

[Forum] RE: Quotes or reverse italics?
I'd use reverse italics too. Whenever something needs to be italicized but is within already italicized text, using reverse italics is the way to go. Quotation marks wouldn't make sense (to me, at least) under any circumstances.

[Forum] Should article title be in quotes, italicized, or both
Is the below sentence correct as it is? Should 'Recounting God’s Blessings' be within quotation marks, Italicized, or both? In the article “[i]Recounting God’s Blessings[/i],” Devin Stewart, who studied literary techniques and linguistic strategies of pre-modern Arabic autobiographies, highlights

[Forum] italics for note numbers?
Proofreading first-pass pages for a publisher and a question has come up. When a note number follows italicized text, is the number italicized too? Or are note numbers always roman superscript?

[Forum] use of italics in math formula
In a typical algebraic expression, such as 3n + r, the variables would be italicized. In a standard math formula, such as the area formula, A = bh, are all the letters considered variables? Should the whole thing be italicized, just the bh, or none of it?

[Forum] RE: Bilingual Writing
I think it is helpful to read the exact wording of the CMOS recommendation: It is not simply a blanket rule that first uses of the foreign word are italicized and all others [i]must[/i] be romanized, but only if the foreign word is repe

[Forum] RE: Italicize legal case name reference when used as a verb?
D'oh! Sorry about MW, thanks for that. I probably would never have noticed the italics used for the subject word if italics weren't something I was actively looking for.  I was planning on keeping "Miranda" italicized (in spite of the reply from two years ago) just as my client, a former prosecut

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