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[Forum] RE: Titles of Cartoons, Software, and Fragrances
There is logic behind this, though it's a little difficult to tease out. Comic strips and cartoons are titles, similar to book or movie titles. While some might argue that software could fall into the same category, it's more like a TV episode to me than the whole show. And perfumes and food items?

[Forum] Capping Words In Titles
Would the words "after," "about," and "around," be lowercase in titles and headlines? These look okay? If not, what would you change? [b]How To Get around on a Scooter It's all about the Benjamins The Calm after the Storm It's the End of the World As We Know It I Am the Walrus C

[Forum] Transliterated titles in author-date references
My reference list includes both books and journal articles originally published in Hebrew. I found for journals to transliterate the title, and then add [in Hebrew]. Journal titles stay in transliteration. I haven't been able to find what to do with book titles, names of chapters, dissertations, et

[Forum] Courtesy titles
In CMOS style, social titles like Mr. and Dr. are "routinely omitted in most prose"; only the last name of the person is used. See [url][/url] I believe that in [i]New York Times[/i] style and that of other newspapers, the titles are use

[Forum] RE: A Few More Personally Nagging Quotes Questions
[quote='GoodandPlenty' pid='12248' dateline='1374006687'] Italicizing titles is a style choice. I did notice that you enclosed the song titles in quotes, but not the book title. If not enclosing in quotes, then I would absolutely italicize. You don't want any confusion. [/quote] Well, CMOS s

[Forum] RE: Fuzzy
I've edited for companies that never cap their job titles, but if you don't have a style guide to follow, you should go by what CMOS says: Civil, military, religious, and professional titles are capitalized when they immediately precede a personal name and are thus used as part of the name (typi

[Forum] RE: Titles within chapter titles
Thanks! The rule for articles seems likely to apply to chapter titles.

[Forum] RE: Ital or quotes for foreign song titles?
[quote='' pid='36653' dateline='1526166357'] Did you solve this? The first example they give under song titles is a foreign title, which they treat like other song titlesóroman, in quote marks. But they use sentence case, which they recommend for foreign titles, capitalizing only t

[Forum] short titles for foreign-language sources
I'm working on putting endnotes in short form for a history that includes a lot of Greek sources. In the bibliography, the author has given the full titles of the sources in Greek, with translated titles in English. The manuscript is in English. Currently, the notes have full Greek titles and Englis

[Forum] RE: Ital or quotes for foreign song titles?
I would put the song titles into itals because they're foreign, *and* quotes because they're song titles. (Book titles and other major works, however, would just be ital as titles, and not reversed out to roman for the foreign language.) As to capitalization, I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with how t

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