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[Forum] RE: Law-Enforcement Titles before a Name
Per 8.18 and 8.20, I would lowercase all of these. Here's what it states in 8.18: "Civil, military, religious, and professional titles are capitalized when they immediately precede a personal name and are thus used as part of the name ([b]typically replacing the title holder’s first name[/b]). Al

[Forum] RE: Law-Enforcement Titles before a Name
8.24 says that titles and ranks used in the police are treated the same way as military titles (detailed in 8.23). So yes, I would capitalize all of those.

[Forum] Article in a play
CMOS okays dropping articles from book titles when they don't fit the context, but says nothing about play titles. I don't see why play titles are any more sacrosanct than book titles, and I want to drop an article. What sayest the forum?

[Forum] Project titles
Hi all, In our reports, we refer to the titles of ongoing projects. Should we enclose the titles of these projects in quotation marks, or italicize? 8.161 of the CMOS doesn't seem to provide specific guidance. Thank you for any feedback.

[Forum] RE: Ital or quotes for foreign song titles?
Did you solve this? The first example they give under song titles is a foreign title, which they treat like other song titles—roman, in quote marks. But they use sentence case, which they recommend for foreign titles, capitalizing only the first word and any proper names/nouns. Here is the link: ht

[Forum] RE: Capitalizing Titles After a Name
How these titles are capped depends on the house style of the company you are working for. Following CMOS, though, they should all be lowercase. Even "president," when referring to the president of the United States, is lowercased. See CMOS 8.18: Titles and offices—the general rule.

[Forum] RE: Translations of real titles within fictional texts
I concur with you, Steve. Book titles should be treated as book titles (that is, italicized), whether they're real or fictitious.

[Forum] Capitalizing the word "using" in a title
I've been editing a number of scientific research article titles, and keep bumping into the word "using." "Using" is not listed as a preposition on any of the posted grammar lists, but "using" seems to be used as if it were a preposition in scientific writing. I often see "using" used in the follo

[Forum] RE: "a Mr. John Doe" in an introduction
I would delete the titles (Mr.) and just use the names. Unless there is some important reason for the titles, or if gender identification is critical and unclear by the names alone, then that could be why they were included. If it's just the author's general style, I'd revise it. I don't include tit

[Forum] RE: German Chancellor Angela Merkel
According to the Associated Press Stylebook (AP), [i]Capitalize formal titles when used immediately before a name. Lowercase formal titles when used alone or in constructions that set them off from a name by commas.[/i] Elsewhere I saw the example [i]Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald R. F

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