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[Forum] RE: from this to that
[quote='RGJaxon' pid='24196' dateline='1437601233'] Speaking of song lyrics, eh? :-) [/quote] Her pronouns were all in agreement Her commas were in the right places Her sentences all separated By only singular spaces. I'd better stop before I get myself in trouble, if I haven't already.

[Forum] RE: Open vs. closed em dashes
Em dashes (in CMOS) do not have spaces before or after them. Just take a look at any of the examples in the book or, for starters, see [url=]CMOS 6.82[/url]. If the designer wants to add a hairline space before and after the em dash for aes

[Forum] RE: Spacing before and after forward slash
I'm probably stating the obvious but I would not use a space around slashes in doi numbers or URLs. I would use a space when the slash indicates mathematical division (not even sure if that is acceptable off the top of my head, but I know the spaces would be appropriate there). As others have mentio

[Forum] Making an ellipse
I'm curious. What method do you use in making an ellipse? The Microsoft Word special character (ellipse) or the creation of a macro consisting of nonbreaking spaces and periods?

[Forum] RE: Punctuation
Well, it might depend on the software, but I just went and tried it in Word. If I don't put spaces before or after the em-dash, it only breaks after the dash. In other words it keeps the dash with the word before it. When I put a space before and after, it allows a break in either location, before

[Forum] RE: En or em dash or hyphen? Colon?
I think it depends on the context. My first instinct (like Pixna's) is to use a colon. I've just checked my MW (both hard copy and online), and they use a colon. However, in certain informal usage, I might use a hyphen (with spaces before and after, as you have it in your question).

[Forum] re:spaces in company's name
Thanks---it has been done both ways on company letterhead, sales literature, various printed documents. No one in the company has raised the issue until now. That's why I'm just trying to get a sense of what is common practice. And it's interesting to recommend what is on the letterhead...

[Forum] RE: reprinting old text
Well, that is what they do with the e-books. That is the final version. The pages of the original book "end and start" here and there--wherever they land on the PDF. There are large spaces of blank space between the end of the last page and the start of the next--with the page number in between.

[Forum] RE: Biblical references primary and secondary
[quote='RGJaxon' pid='16927' dateline='1391040679'] JerrySmile, I don't understand your second sample with the hyphens for spaces. Do you mean that the citation following the quote should not go inline with the rest of the text? [/quote] Right, on the next line, after it. As in mottoes, where

[Forum] RE: Track Changes for everything or not?
I also turn off TC for those simple little edits that you know are just basic. Two spaces, quotes turned the right way, fixing the font size when it suddenly got wrong for a line or two, etc. I want TC on whenever it's something the author might want to overrule me about. Or as you say, when it'

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