Manuscript Preparation, Copyediting, and Proofreading

Q. If a document references only one figure, should it be labeled “Figure 1” or assigned no number?

Q. Regarding indenting paragraphs, the online consensus seems to be that the first paragraph of text is formatted flush left, and only subsequent paragraphs are indented. Does Chicago have an opinion on this? Thanks!

Q. Where should a “praise for . . .” page be located in a novel? Thank you.

Q. What margins should I use?

Q. Can the running heads in a multivolume set of books be the title of that particular volume rather than the overall title of all the volumes in the set?

Q. When writing a bibliography, is it acceptable for the entry to be split between pages? Or should I insert a page break before the entry to keep it all together?

Q. A lot of people, including me, are confused about the different types of editors. Especially the difference between a copyeditor and a line editor. Is there a list anywhere that defines these terms? Thank you for your help.

Q. What is the proper spacing BETWEEN paragraphs? Is it the “space” connected with the font size?

Q. When is a line space in text (pause) used?

Q. What font does Chicago require? I thought it was Times New Roman, but perhaps Arial is also okay?