Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. Hello, I would like to know how to handle citations to books that list a subsequent printing date. Some books will say, for example, “Copyright 1975” and elsewhere on the copyright page will list the various printing dates, such as “2nd printing 1979, 3rd printing 1985, 4th printing 1992.”

Should my references point to the original copyright date, or the subsequent printing date? I have searched in vain to find a definitive answer to this or any concrete examples. Thank you very much for the help!

Q. Can a building or other similar place or geographical feature be cited as a source according to CMOS?

Q. I am editing a book, converting it from APA to Chicago. The publisher/​author has made the choice to not include a bibliography. My question is how to write the note when there are more than four authors. Should each author be cited, or only the first plus “et al.”?

Q. How should I cite in the text multiple publications by the same author? Can I simply write (Sutinen 1969, 1976, 1981)? Or should I write (Sutinen 1969, Sutinen 1976, Sutinen 1981)?

Q. When creating a shortened note for a specific episode of a television program, what information should be included?

Q. Greetings. I am a copyeditor of academic books. One reviewer of my work recently challenged a decision of mine to expand “NYU Press” as “New York University Press.” Is there any rule in CMOS that requires spelling out a university’s name when it is abbreviated in the publisher’s name? I have normally tended to expand publisher’s names when they are not that well known. I leave MIT Press alone.

Q. In author-date, how does one handle multiple forthcoming works by a single author? Does one use forthcominga, forthcomingb, etc.? Or maybe with a hyphen: forthcoming-a, forthcoming-b?

Q. When a journal changes its name, should I use the name of the journal when the article was published or the current name when citing an article contained in the journal?

Q. I have scoured the CMOS website and searched online, but I am stymied. I have quoted someone’s Twitter bio. How do I cite it?? Please help.

Q. In a parenthetical citation that includes volume and page number, what’s the correct way to style subsequent, nonconsecutive page numbers from the same volume? Should the volume be stated only once, like so: (Barnes 1998, 2:354–55, 370, 381)? Or should the volume number be repeated at the start of each page number, like so: (Barnes 1998, 2:354–55, 2:370, 2:381)? I’m unable to find an example like this in the Manual. Guidance much appreciated!