Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. As a copyeditor, I’m starting to see papers where the authors cite presentations from virtual conferences and meetings. According to CMOS 14.217, the location of the meeting is to be included in the citation. What would you suggest as far as wording and style? (I was thinking maybe “[Virtual]” would work in place of the location.) Thank you in advance!

Q. When citing an essay that predates the anthology book in which it is featured, is the original year of the essay included in the citation in addition to the anthology publication year?

Q. When citing a lengthy web page without page numbers in a footnote, other than listing the paragraph number or a section title, is there another way to indicate where on the page a quote is being used?

Q. If I have used a machine translator (e.g., DeepL) in a paper, must I give credit to the machine translator? What if the translation needs to be edited?

Q. When listing “several citations in a single note,” the example given in CMOS 14.57 shows an “and” before the last citation. However, in a CMOS Shop Talk post with an example of two citations in one note, there is no “and” after the semicolon. Please clarify if Chicago style is to use “and” before the last citation (1) when there are two citations and (2) when there are several citations.

Q. In a footnote that starts with a superscript note number, is there a space between the number and the text of the note? Thanks!

Q. How does one cite a book with a bilingual title—e.g., a book where the full title is presented in both German and English? Thank you very much.

Q. If you quote a sentence that includes an APA-style reference in parentheses, do you quote it with the reference, or would you cut it out?

Q. Recently the New York Times published an opinion piece by Mary Mann, a librarian and writer. In it she wrote, “In the past I’ve had to remind student patrons that you can’t cite Wikipedia on research papers.” Is that still the case?

Q. Always such a pleasure to see the Q&A again! I want to ask you about a journal format that is new to me: one that simply numbers its articles sequentially. This was my first go at citing it:

Amare, Mulubrhan, Jane Mariara, Remco Oostendorp, and Menno Pradhan. “The Impact of Smallholder Farmers’ Participation in Avocado Export Markets on the Labor Market, Farm Yields, Sales Prices, and Incomes in Kenya.” Land Use Policy 88, 104168 (November 2019): 1–13.

Then I realized that I’d better put the word “article” in front of the article number to keep people from thinking it’s a typo for an issue number or even, in this case, for page numbers. Also on second thought, I question the need to add 1–13 (the page nos.) at the end because all the articles in this volume have page nos. of the form 1–n. It’s true that readers may be interested to know in advance how long the article runs, but Elsevier doesn’t display the page numbers on its site; you have to open up the article and jump to the end, whatta pain. Have you finalized a rule for this new animal? Many thanks as always.