Headlines and Titles of Works

Q. Should I capitalize “the states” when used alone (referring to the United States)? I’m copyediting a novel in which the author capitalizes “the States” when used alone. I think it would be lowercased.

Q. I am unable to find a ruling on state nicknames in my Chicago manual. Am I overlooking it? Is it “aloha state,” “Aloha state,” or “Aloha State”?

Q. Do you capitalize Scotch when it’s used singularly as a noun, or only in a proper name situation: Let’s have a scotch. I drink Scotch whisky and Irish coffee. Thank you!

Q. I am writing a text and need help with one thing. I checked your Q&A and didn’t see anything on this so I’ll ask here. Do government offices and bureaus need to be capitalized? For example, the Wireless Bureau of the FCC, or can it be listed in a sentence as the wireless bureau of the FCC? Thanks!

Q. In the phrase “federal constitutional law,” should the “c” in “constitutional” be capitalized? I say no, but a coworker says yes.

Q. When referring to the US Army Corps of Engineers, in saying “the Corps of Engineers” and “the Corps,” how should the shortened forms be capitalized? Should “the Corps of Engineers” be in initial caps and “the corps” be in lowercase?

Q. I am having a discussion/argument with my author’s editor over the presentation of Pizza and its Variations: Beyond Two Pi R, the title [changed for this forum] of a forthcoming book edited by myself. The title is so presented in the UK edition, and the American publisher is insisting that this is incorrect (or at any rate in defiance of normal convention), and “Its” should be used, despite the fact that the lowercase version appears in the book (whose text will be the same in both editions). Quite apart from the question of consistency, I feel that in the case of this particular title a capital ‘I’ would take the eye away from the two important words, “Pizza” and “Variations.” Do you have a (quick, please!) view?

Q. When referring to a specific conference, would the word “conference” be capitalized when used alone? For example, “I attended the Western Region Writing Style Conference earlier this year. During the Conference I learned . . .”

Q. People Seem to Have Capitalitis These Days. I am editing our company directory and wondering if all titles must be capitalized. My column headings include “Name” and “Title.” Under “Name,” I have Joe Smith. Under “Title,” which is correct: “Customer Service” or “customer service”?

Q. I’m confused why CMOS 15 suggests leaving “cold war” lowercase in rule 8.81. It seems to me that it should be capped, because it’s a clear historical period. Pleeaazze help.