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12.4: Consistency of notation
... Typographical distinctions should also be made consistently; for example, if uppercase
italic letters A, B, and C are used to denote sets and lowercase italic ...

10.8: Small versus full-size capitals for acronyms and initialisms
... some applications use lowercase letters presented (or “styled”) as small capitals,
whereas in other systems small capitals are based on uppercase letters. ...

11.77: Spanish capitalization
... See 11.3, 11.9. In Spanish, a title preceding a proper name is normally lowercased.
When abbreviated, however, titles are in uppercase. ...

11.135: Greek vowels
... Each font, for example, should be able to provide, for lowercase eta, η, ή,
ῆ, ὴ, ἠ, ἡ, ἤ, ἢ, ἥ, ἣ, ἦ, ἧ, and, for uppercase eta, Η, Ἠ ...

Index U
... Upanishads, 8.102, 14.255; uppercase, defined, p. 904. See also capitalization;
capital letters; URLs (uniform resource locators), 14.4–5, 15.4, p. 904: ...

Appendix B
... An uppercase character set in a type size larger than the text and “dropped,” or
nested, into lines of text, usually as the first character in the opening ...