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[Forum] Ellipsis ending dialogue
When referring to ellipsis used with other punctuation, CMoS 13.39 gives the example: “But . . . but . . . ,” said Tom. But I can't think of a reason why the ungainly comma following the ellipsis in this example (used to indicate faltering thought or incomplete speech) should be necessary. Af

[Forum] RE: Ellipsis ending dialogue
But . . . isn't an ellipsis a pause already? To me, the comma somewhat breaks the effect the ellipsis is trying to achieve.

[Forum] ellipsis versus suspension points
I am attempting to copy edit a paper where the author uses ellipsis points in brackets, i.e., [...]. Can anyone explain the difference between suspension points and an ellipsis? Is one an actual pause in the "conversation" and one an omission of text? Where is it appropriate to use [...]? CMS note

[Forum] RE: Capitalization after Ellipsis in Quotation
Yes, there should be a space on both sides of the ellipsis when following CMOS style, unless the first ellipsis point is actually a period at the end of the preceding sentence (in which case, there would be a space after the period, follow by the ellipsis and ending with another space before the nex

[Forum] letters and ellipsis
My author quotes an entire letter in his book (1/2 page) and uses ellipsis at end of last sentence in each paragraph. Do I omit ellipsis even in a letter? Thanks.

[Forum] RE: Capitalization after Ellipsis in Quotation
Since the sentence wouldn't be grammatically correct without the part that comes after the ellipsis, "it" should be lowercase. And there shouldn't be a comma after the ellipsis. Here's how the sentence should look: "If they are making that decision . . . it makes better sense to allow them to do i

[Forum] RE: Bracketed Ellipsis
Hmm well I think the quote comes from some work of fiction or commentary on fiction (so probably not MLA's punctuation). The bracketed ellipsis is different in some way than the regular ellipsis. One of the things that I dislike about the MLA Handbook is the lack of explanation of many of the g

[Forum] RE: Ellipsis in quotations & broken quotations
I like your version better. It doesn't make sense to have the four-dot (or is that five?) ellipsis after the partial sentence because she's not finished talking yet. The looking at Antonia isn't a dialogue tag though, so I'm not so sure about the comma after it. Also, the ellipsis after "or" -

[Forum] RE: Dialogue, Ellipses, and Punctuation
IMO using any punctuation after an ellipsis defeats its very purpose here, which is to indicate trailing speech. By definition nothing happens after trailing speech. A period before the ellipsis doesn't make sense because the sentence does not end. The poor ellipsis is a quiet, lonely, and rather me

[Forum] Overuse of ellipsis
I have a ms in which author uses ellipsis to indicate missing text in quoted material in what I find to be irritating due to overuse. For example: To plan for the raid, the colonel told the men to "seize their weapons . . . before . . . they had time . . . to return fire . . . upon their troops." Th

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