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[Forum] When to Capitalize State
I have read, and keep reading, about when to capitalize the words state and federal. I can't seem to "get it". I edit documents for a state agency. We are creating a style guide and I have been asked to explain the rule so that we can all be consistent. Any help you can provide would be greatly appr

[Forum] Capitalize "New York State"?
Friends, When it comes to capping the word "State" following the state's name, I generally do so only when referring to a governmental agency: New York State Thruway; California State Treasury; etc. (I'm making these up) Though honestly I can no longer find where I read this distinction between cap

[Forum] Capitalize the State of Israel?
Israeli professor repeatedly capitalizes the State even when Israel is not in the sentence (e.g., pre-State, new State). If it were a US state I know it wouldn't be capitalized. What does CMOS say? Thanks.

[Forum] RE: Comma after name of State
When you have both the city and state in text (as opposed to a mailing address), the state needs to be enclosed by commas. Consider the state almost as a parenthetical. :)

[Forum] RE: When to Capitalize State
Please take a look at [url=]CMOS 8.50[/url] -- this will explain what you need to know. Please note that "state of California," "state legislature," and "state agency" should all be lowercase.

[Forum] RE: When to capitalize federal, state, or city
[quote='butterya' pid='28613' dateline='1461349973']In other governmental documents we have both seen it both ways! What are your thoughts? [/quote] My thought is that some government agencies are better at this than others. Regarding the State of Michigan in this case, I think you and your c

[Forum] RE: Fuzzy
I guess it's a US thing, Grumpsky. There are State Police, which is a certain type of police organization, and then there are police from various states. If someone isn't part of the actual State Police, I'd probably keep "state" lowercase to avoid confusion. I know that contradicts my earlier answe

[Forum] State Championship vs. state
Going by CMS 8.77, would these all be correct? I'm going to the State Championship. I went to state. I'm competing at Junior Nationals. I competed at nationals. I ran at the Regional Qualifiers. I lost at regionals. The State Sectionals took three hours. I got home late from sectiona

[Forum] RE: Capitalization
The terms "state dinners" and "state visits" are lowercase. But be sure that the events are indeed related to head(s) of state(s); if not, they are "official dinners" and "official visits." In the case of a dinner, it is one hosted by one head of state for another (e.g., by President Biden for King

[Forum] RE: Fuzzy
The only one in that recent bunch that's fuzzy to me is "New York State police investigator." That's because someone could be a state trooper, or a member of the state police force, in which case I'd lowercase "state." If the person is simply a police investigator within the state of New York, I'd c

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