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[Forum] RE: Double line spacing in student bibliography
I'm not sure how strict your professor is going to be, but if you have time I would ask because this could be treated either way. If your professor wants space to be able to mark up your document, then double spacing makes sense, not just for the references but also for other areas, such as bloc

[Forum] Spacing between words: how wide should it be?
Hello. English is not my mother tongue, so take my apologies for awkward wording. Iím working on a research about the word spacing. In online version of CMOS I havenít found rules or recommendations concerning the width of space. Did I missed something? Iíve heard that for common spacing betwe

[Forum] Vertical List
For a single-spaced document with 6 pts following paragraphs, what line spacing should be used for a vertical list within the paragraph? The examples in CMOS show additional line spacing between the introductory clause or sentence and no additional spacing between the bulleted or numbered list. I

[Forum] spacing after terminal punctuation in AMA
random question but does anyone happen to know AMA's preference for spacing after sentences (one space or two)? I think that's the one guide I don't have haha. :)

[Forum] RE: Vertical List
The formatting in CMOS is to demonstrate grammatical style examples, not layout and design examples. You can use whatever spacing you like in your document or article. I normally don't add any extra spacing before a vertical list, but I do usually block indent the list so it doesn't run into the tex

[Forum] Mathimatical spacing
I would like to know what is the proper spacing before and after mathematical operators such as: =, +, -, ◊, ų, Ī,and so on. Regular space, thin space. Reference required.

[Forum] RE: Spacing Between Sentences
[quote='Pixna' pid='5230' dateline='1335279450'] [quote='cheech1981' pid='5228' dateline='1335278618'] It also drives me nuts when schools write their dissertation guidelines and use APA guidelines such as the two spaces or double spacing for block quotes as final-manuscript guidelines. argh...

[Forum] Double vs. single spacing between lines
In several places (e.g. 2.8, 2.22, etc.) the 16th ed. of Chicago clearly recommends double-spacing between lines throughout the manuscript, including for notes, the bibliography, and other material. However, example figures (e.g. Figure 14.8, Figure 14.9 etc.) appear to be single-spaced (though it'

[Forum] ellipses
Hi everyone, I've searched every place I can think of, both on and off the Internet, but haven't been able to come up with a definitive answer about spacing and ellipses. It was easier when people formed their own ellipses, as in "I don't know . . . " Now, however, with the Word ellipsis char

[Forum] RE: Bulleted list space
I also use 1.5 line spacing, like akcotham, but I keep line spacing the same (1.5) for bullets. From the examples of vertical lists in CMOS, it appears that's what is recommended as well; however, this isn't explicitly stated anywhere in the guide, so I imagine you can just use your best judgment fo

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