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[Forum] RE: cumulative vs coordinate adjectives
One rule of thumb says that if you can switch the two adjectives around, there should be a comma. In your first example, it's not completely obvious by this rule or by the rule CMOS mentions in the section you referred to.  I'd consider putting in a comma.  Or I'd switch them and leave them without

[Forum] RE: punctuation within quotation marks
This is what I’d do with that exact sentence: John’s been eyeballing me this entire time, giving off a silent judgment that expects a “What?” or “Hi” or “You’re right; I should leave” from me. or John’s been eyeballing me this entire time, giving off a silent judgment that expects a “What?”

[Forum] RE: Capping Forms at Work
Grumps, there's no definitive answer. You'll just have to use your best judgment on this.

[Forum] RE: Citing the Westminster Confession of Faith
Five years later, and I still don't quite trust my judgment on this one. :^/ ~Valerie

[Forum] RE: Can I get away with this under the "good judgment" clause?
I don't know what rule, if any, applies here, but my instinct would be to include the comma.

[Forum] RE: At what age does a "girl" become a "young woman"?
I concur with Tut and RG. You'll need to use your best judgment based on the genre and intended audience.

[Forum] RE: Punctuating (birth & death info)
I don't believe CMOS covers this. I'd just go with your best judgment. Your example for George Harrison looks fine to me.

[Forum] RE: Hyphenation
It's nonlisted because no dictionary can list every possible prefixed or suffixed version of words. You just have to trust your own judgment.

[Forum] RE: What qualifies as a nonessential phrase
Yeah, I like the parentheses test, too, and agree with your judgment about it in this case. And thanks for the link! JCEM01.

[Forum] RE: When discussing a name: The name "insert name"?
Thanks! Interesting that it's "usually set in Roman"; they apparently see room for a judgment call here. But this is exactly the information I was hoping to find. Appreciate the help.

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