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[Forum] Periods with other punctuation
It wasn't that I didn't "like" your example; it was that it did not seem fitting for an exclamation point: [i]6.71 Use of the exclamation point An exclamation point (which should be used sparingly to be effective) marks an outcry or an emphatic or ironic comment.[/i] I don't see the need fo

[Forum] RE: Do you capitalise after an exclamation or question mark
If the statement after the exclamation mark is in reference to what is being said in terms of identifying the speaker (as is the case in your examples), then no, the word following the exclamation point should not be capitalized. The exclamation point serves as both end punctuation and comma after a

[Forum] RE: Punctuation in italics or roman?
I also would doubt that you would need to italicize a stressed word that is also followed by an exclamation mark, which also indicates stress. If someone raised his glass and said "Cheers!" you wouldn't italicize it. The exclamation mark already tells you to say it in a louder more excited v

[Forum] RE: Double question marks? said, "Even though you would write 1.Who hollered "Fire!"? [a question about an exclamation] 2.What a fright we had when he growled through the door, "What are you brats doing on my porch?"! [an exclamation about a question]" Actually, this mix of a question mark and an excla

[Forum] RE: Question mark vs. Exclamation
[quote='SteveR' pid='30709' dateline='1476712156'] Although it's a question, it could be styled as an exclamation (especially since it seems the speaker is annoyed). See section 6.72. [/quote] I think either one could work. It would depend on whether the author wants this framed as a question o

[Forum] RE: Multiple Exclamation Points
I wouldn't do it. One exclamation point is sufficient. If it isn't, I'd suggest italicizing the last "push" to give it greater emphasis. Multiple exclamation points is the hallmark of poor writing combined with poor editing.

[Forum] RE: Exclamation mark in parens followed by a period
Yes, it is punctuated correctly. While an exclamation point or any other terminal punctuation within a parenthetical used this way isn't technically correct, I would have more flexibility using an exclamation point than a period (which is something I definitely wouldn't use in a parenthetical within

[Forum] RE: italics + quotation marks + exclamation points
I would also italicize the exclamation mark after "Christ", but I would get rid of the one after "I guess so". Just make that a period. That's just too many exclamation marks, and I can't even imagine how someone would exclaim those words. “Yes! I guess so. [i]Christ![/i]”

[Forum] Another question about exclamation points and question marks with commas i
Poor sentence, but does it correctly illustrate the comma with both the question mark and exclamation point within the ending quote marks? The question "Will we get out of this financial rut?," the exclamation "Stop or I'll shoot!," and the word "conversated" need to be omitted from your essay.

[Forum] RE: Exclamation mark ends the quotation--which itself a question
Hello, and welcome to the forum, Lee. I wouldn't put a comma after "screaming." I would use the question mark as you have it. However, if you're quoting what was on the sign and the sign didn't have an exclamation point in it, I'd omit the exclamation point. Also, if the text of the sign wasn't i

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