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[Forum] bachelor's degree
In the sentence below, is my usage correct? "The teachers who had a bachelor[b]'s[/b] degree were more interested in using instructional technology than the teachers who had a master's degree." Both Merriam Webster and CMOS discuss "bachelor of X" (e.g., bachelor of law) but do not use the t

[Forum] RE: bachelor's degree
CMOS seems to contradict itself on this, Cheech. See the following: [url=]10.20: Academic degrees[/url] [url=]8.28: Other academic designations[/url] (look at the first entry

[Forum] RE: bachelor's degree
oh man now you guys have got me thinking again haha. :) Also, while I was researching this a bit more, I came across something interesting in [url=]CMOS 7.7[/url], which lists bachelors of science masters of arts (no examples for

[Forum] associate's degree or associate degree?
I know this has come up a few times in the forums, but I sent a quick e-mail to M-W the other day just to get a sense of what their preferences were. If anyone is interested, just sharing the e-mail here (and I believe Pixna had pointed me to the Learner's dictionary, which they also referred me to

[Forum] RE: bachelor's degree
If you feel really stuck, then you certainly could submit your question to the month Q&A. You could also tighten your sentence a drop as follows: "The teachers with a bachelor's degree were more interested in using instructional technology than the teachers with a master's degree." Or, of course:

[Forum] RE: Capitalization and Punctuation of Academic Degrees
Hi Maggie and welcome, Short answer: I'd say "a bacehlor's degree in nursing" and "a bachelor of arts" (no caps unless it would be customary in the context). I would omit "degree" because it seems redundant to me. Longer explanation: Merriam-Webster uses "a bachelor of laws," and CMOS [

[Forum] Capitalization and Punctuation of Academic Degrees
What is the correct capitalization and punctuation of academic degrees in the following instances: She has a bachelor's degree in nursing. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in nursing. Thank you for your help.

[Forum] RE: apostrophe
[quote='RoniHooper' pid='5291' dateline='1335471505'] Here's the sentence I was given to edit: "This grant provided funds to attract low-income students to the university's bachelors of nursing program." Is "bachelors of nursing program" correct, or should it be bachelor of nursing program

[Forum] RE: Bios
[quote='wInduc900' pid='30559' dateline='1475254979'] Hello, I am writing bios and have the following questions: Masters of Business Administration OR Master's or Business Administration or no "s" on Masters Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science... should Degree be capitalized T

[Forum] Reply to thread: Associate Degree or Associate's Degree?
I ran into this same question some time ago. As far as I could tell, CMOS does not address this treatment. I found this on the AP website: [i][b]academic degrees[/b] If mention of degrees is necessary to establish someone's credentials, the preferred form is to avoid an abbreviation and use inste

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