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[Forum] RE: spaces after periods
Unless you're using an ancient mono-spaced typewriter, [i]all[/i] spaces should be single, regardless of where they fall or what they follow.

[Forum] RE: Spacing Between Sentences
There should only be one space, one space, one space. Sorry to be so repetitive, but this is a real bugaboo for me. Two spaces between sentences is a holdover from the days of typewriters, when letters and spaces were all the same width. Computers are not typewriters. Anyone who advocates two spaces

[Forum] RE: Spacing before and after forward slash
I don't normally use spaces in the body of a text, but when design/typesetting calls for it—such as in the title of a work or a heading—then I almost also use spaces on either side.

[Forum] RE: Virgule Spaces
I usually don't insert a space before and after--the examples in Webster's follow this protocol. But I must admit there are instances where inserting spaces looks better, such as words in all caps.

[Forum] RE: spaces after periods
Hi there, best practice is to insert one space only for both printed matter and online material. I work for an e-learning company, and it's rare to see two spaces used in our industry.

[Forum] RE: space around equals sign in text
My advice is do not change any type styles or sizes and use one or (preferably) no spaces. Let the designer, if there is one, take care of the rest. If you use spaces, you run into bad line breaks.

[Forum] RE: Spaces with Initials
Grumps, see [url=]CMOS 10.12: Initials in personal names[/url]. CMOS actually includes spaces for three initials when periods are used. No spaces are used when periods are omitted. For company names, just go with however the company list

[Forum] How to cite a chapter in an edited volume that has been used previously
Hello, I could not find the answer to this question in the manual and thought this might be the place. I am formatting the footnotes for a book and came across one author citing different chapters from an edited volume. How do I cite the edited volume when it comes up a second time? Is it: Opt

[Forum] RE: Space after Em dash
No spaces around em-dash in books published in North America. Spaces around it in the UK. I consider the 2nd more elegant and less crowded and I use it irrespectively, if my publisher allows it.

[Forum] RE: Double Line Spaces to Indicate Scene Breaks and More in Fiction
The three spaced and centered asterisks (* * *) is also called a dinkus, which is used to indicate a break in time or change of scene in a narrative. There is no special character for the dinkus, it is simply three asterisks separated by spaces and centered on the page. I agree that double line s

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