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[Forum] RE: ellipsis in direct dialogue with action beats
UserTK, I actually read the original example as being two sentences, but the ellipsis was missing the period before it.

[Forum] RE: Suspension points v. ellipses
"2 is correct because the punctuation (a period) which precedes the ellipsis (which begins a new line) is on the line before it." I disagree with this one. I wouldn't start a new line with an ellipsis. While the four points are correct in terms of following a complete sentence, the ellipsis shoul

[Forum] Bracketed ellipsis in block quotation
What does a bracketed ellipsis in a block quotation signify? My understanding of CMOS's description of it is that the brackets indicate the ellipsis was originally part of the excerpt. It's more than a bit counterintuitive. Brackets are normally used to indicate an insertion by the author or edi

[Forum] RE: Ellipsis and Multiple Sentences Omitted
You keep the question mark, add an ellipsis, and then continue with the next sentence. See [url=]CMOS 13.54[/url].

[Forum] Abbreviated Social title + ellipsis + closing punctuation question
Mr . . . ? or Mr. . . . ? I'm stumped after reading all the ellipsis rules in Chicago -- anyone? At first I was sure that #2 above is correct but now I've lost my feeling of certainty. BTW -- US not British, so text uses Mr. Mrs. etc. not Mr Mrs Thanks!

[Forum] RE: Ellipsis and interrupted speech
I might say that the four-dot ellipsis, in general, should apply only to academic works where you need to specifically indicate elision of entire sentences. It rarely makes sense elsewhere. CMOS does not do a good job of illustrating proper usage IMO.

[Forum] Ellipsis with Historical manuscripts
With historical narratives, e.g., person's account of Civil War prison camp, do you 3, 4 or rigorous method for ellipsis?

[Forum] Ellipsis
I need to put four ellipsis after "party." I don't think I did it right? It doesn't look good, I think? Thanks for any help! "The next day, Sheila came back and we saw each other and had a ‘birthday party.’ . . . That was the greatest day of my life."

[Forum] Suspension points/ellipsis character and spacing
I edit fiction, and authors use a lot of suspension points, particularly in dialogue. The publishers I work for prefer the ellipsis character MS Word autocorrects to, over spaced periods. Is there any consensus about whether to follow the points/ellipsis with a space? It's a moot point if you're

[Forum] RE: Suspension points v. ellipses
In that particular example, confusion is intended on the speaker's part with the ellipsis. Or more specifically, confusion followed by realization. In that case though, I think you're right. The examples the CMoS provides would definitely indicate not capitalizing the "he." I still struggle with

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