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[Forum] RE: institutions, universities etc.
I concur with going with the name of the institution at the time the person graduated from it. "Donald Duck graduated Minnie Mouse College in 2007 with a bachelor of arts degree in quackery."

[Forum] RE: Quoting from and referring to statute books
Thanks alot for your help! It is actually my Bachelor Thesis we're talking about, that's also why I'm so keen on finding an answer. I had asked my supervisor in advance, but she didn't know how to do that, either. I guess, I will follow UserTK's advice and work something out by myself. I'm not a

[Forum] Apostrophe in Academic Degrees
Is it master's degree or masters degree? Likewise, it is bachelor's degree or bachelors degree?

[Forum] English or english
I am often confused about when to capitalize the word english. For instance, when describing: She taught 7th grade English last year. or: I have a bachelor's degree in english. [/size]

[Forum] academic abbreviations
A client wants her credentials on a book cover cited as follows: Jane Carol Doe, BA., MED She has a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Education. I believe the following is correct: Jane Carol Doe, BA, MEd Could others confirm If I am correct according to CMOS please? Much appreciated.

[Forum] RE: associate's degree or associate degree?
An associate's degree is a two-year degree (as opposed to the four year's typically required for a bachelor's). P.S. It's not a dumb question at all! And let's not even talk about memory, as mine hasn't been working since . . .

[Forum] RE: Degree listings in contributors' bios
See CMOS [url=]8.28: Other academic designations[/url] and [url=]10.20Academic degrees[/url]. It should be "creative writing diploma" and "bachelor of arts." If I were editing the

[Forum] Bios
Hello, I am writing bios and have the following questions: Masters of Business Administration OR Master's or Business Administration or no "s" on Masters Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science... should Degree be capitalized Thank you Sharon

[Forum] apostrophe
Here's the sentence I was given to edit: "This grant provided funds to attract low-income students to the university's bachelors of nursing program." Is "bachelors of nursing program" correct, or should it be bachelor of nursing program or bachelors-level nursing program or somethi

[Forum] RE: Order of academic degrees, adding a military title, abbreviation of Sergeant Major
Kevin H. Stecyk, BSc, P.Eng., MBA, CFA When asked about my credentials, it goes like this: I got Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering, became a professional engineer, got an MBA, and then a CFA. It's all chronological. I have yet to see when people sort them differently.

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