You Could Look It Up

Q. I edit in the field of foods quite frequently and I see family-sized portion or medium-sized bowl and I’m inclined to think hyphenation with size should follow more after fun-size candy bar, but I haven’t come across any ruling one way or the other. Where I can, I delete it entirely (medium bowl) but other times it just really works to use a hyphenated phrase. I didn’t see a clear ruling or related ruling in your hyphenation table (CMOS 7.89). I also read through paragraph 5.92 on phrasal adjectives, and point 5 seemed the closest to addressing the issue. Perhaps sized reduces to size when hyphenated? I welcome and thank you for any answers to this question.

A. You can look up -size in a dictionary and see that -size and -sized are accepted variants and are normally hyphenated. It’s a good idea to choose one style or the other to use throughout a document.