Special Characters

Q. How do I insert an ellipsis in my manuscript? My computer keyboard can do that with a couple of keystrokes. Is this acceptable? Or should I type period + space for all three dots? Should these spaces be nonbreaking spaces?

Q. My question has to do with the direction of an apostrophe at the beginning of shortened versions of longer words. For example, “’zine” for “magazine” or “’cause” for “because.” In transcribed interviews, I sometimes run into this. Should the apostrophe close toward the word or away from it? Thanks.

Q. I am editing a first-edition ecology textbook, which uses both footnotes in tables and variables in equations. In the first chapter, the author italicized the variables, and I added italic to the footnote superscripts. However, a subsequent chapter (written by a different author) does not use italics in equation variables set in text or their subscripts. In situations such as this, is it my responsibility to set a style, or should I follow the author’s style? I find that these contradictory situations occur with regard to hyphenations and such as well. Please help me put an end to this type of confusion!

Q. I notice confusion in publication in regard to whether a space should precede and/or follow relation signs. My suspicion is that it is <10 km but p < .001.

Q. Hi, Should the “th” in “49th parallel” be superscript? Thanks.

Q. Where does an emoji go in a sentence? Before or after the period? ✏️ Having a tough time deciding 🤔.

Q. We’ve been having a discussion in the office about whether to continue using diacritical marks on words such as decor and applique. The arguments turn on whether we consider them to be proper English words instead of imports, due to their familiarity to English speakers and the length of time that they’ve been part of the language. We couldn’t find a place where the editors addressed this issue in CMOS. Could you give us an opinion, please?

Q. Can you tell me the CMOS preferred style for printed quotation marks: typographer’s marks or the default straight-line marks?

Q. What is the rule for placing accents over capital letters in Romance languages? Is it the same for French, Spanish, and Italian, or does each language have different requirements?

Q. When and how often is it appropriate to use the slash (/) character that delineates terms of similar meaning?