Registered Trademarks

Q. When the word “coke” is used as a generic term to refer to any kind of soda, should it be capitalized?

Q. “ZIP Code” is trademarked and essentially an invention by the USPS. They created it with a capitalized “C.” Why do you insist that this “C” is rendered in lowercase?

Q. CMOS 8.154 covers lowercase and CamelCase trade names, but it doesn’t specify how to deal with wordmarks that are partly in italics. I would prefer to set them the same way as any other word, but I would also love an official ruling on this!

Q. Is it proper or necessary to use the circled R each and every time the registered trademark name is used in a document? What is the correct usage for the symbol?

Q. When using “Google” as a verb—Googled, Googling, etc.—should it be capitalized? Even if one is not referring necessarily to the use of the official Google website, but merely using “google” loosely as a synonym for checking something out?