Quotations and Dialogue

Q. If I’m making a song title possessive and the song title is plural, what would I do? For example, would I write . . .

“Wild Horses” ’ bass line is so dang good.

“Wild Horses’ ” bass line is so dang good.


“Wild Horses” ’s bass line is so dang good.

You might say that I should write, “The bass line in ‘Wild Horses’ is so dang good,” but let’s pretend I’m constrained by a website field character limit that won’t let me add the two extra words to rephrase it like that.

A. You could write “The ‘Wild Horses’ bass line is so dang good,” using “Wild Horses” attributively instead of as a possessive. If you don’t have room, you can always leave out the “dang.” (Although I know it’s not the same.)