Manuscript Preparation, Copyediting, and Proofreading

Q. I am proofreading a book that has numbered endnotes for each chapter. The numbered endnotes begin at and include the epigraphs for each chapter. The preface uses arabic numerals for the two epigraph citations. There are two epigraphs for the afterword, and these are referenced in the endnotes with roman numerals (i, ii). Is this correct? Should the references in the preface also be cited with roman numerals? Should references, including epigraphs, in front and back matter be cited with roman numerals or arabic numerals?

A. All the notes should have the same kind of numbering. (If the preface and afterword are in separate documents, it’s possible that this author’s word-processing application supplied the roman numerals and that he didn’t know how to fix it.) Please note that Chicago discourages the practice of attaching notes to epigraphs and other display matter.