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Q. I’m compiling footnotes for a history book, and in several instances a newspaper is cited. Is it proper to list the city of origin in parentheses and italics for each newspaper? The paper is located in Virginia, Minnesota. The name of the paper is Mesabi Daily News. The author of the book is listing this newspaper in the footnotes as (Virginia) Mesabi Daily News. Should all the words be in italics, or just the name of the paper and not the city? Thanks for your help.

A. CMOS 14.193 says, “A city name, if not part of the title of a local newspaper, should be added. . . . In some cases, the city or state can be added and italicized as part of the official title; if in doubt, add the information, in parentheses and roman type, after the italicized title of the newspaper.”

Chicago Tribune
Hackensack (NJ) Record
Ottawa (IL) Daily Times
Saint Paul (Alberta or AB) Journal

Based on the examples, your newspaper would be the Mesabi Daily News (Virginia, MN). (Eliminate the state abbreviation when the city is well known.)