Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. In a parenthetical citation that includes volume and page number, what’s the correct way to style subsequent, nonconsecutive page numbers from the same volume? Should the volume be stated only once, like so: (Barnes 1998, 2:354–55, 370, 381)? Or should the volume number be repeated at the start of each page number, like so: (Barnes 1998, 2:354–55, 2:370, 2:381)? I’m unable to find an example like this in the Manual. Guidance much appreciated!

A. In your first example, it seems clear that pages 370 and 381 belong, like pages 354 and 355, to volume 2. Not only is it unlikely that they’d instead be taken to belong to volume 1, but repeating the volume numbers (as in your second example) doesn’t seem to make the citation any easier to read. The same principle would apply to citing consecutive page locations from the same volume in a note. (We’ve made a note to consider adding some examples of these scenarios to a future edition of CMOS.)