Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. For my Chicago author-date reference list following a paper: When listing a journal article, what do I do if there is no page range? I have an article number—does this come into use?

A. To cite an article in a journal that assigns article numbers (also known as citation IDs) in lieu of page numbers—a system that allows for continuous publication of articles independent of a numbered and paginated journal issue—use the number in place of the page range:

Jansuwan, Para, and Kerstin K. Zander. 2022. “Multifunctional Farming as Successful Pathway for the Next Generation of Thai Farmers.” PLOS ONE 17(4): e0267351. https://​doi​.org​/10​.1371​/journal​.pone​.0267351.

The number for that article is e0267351. If you need to cite a specific page number in the article, many online-only journals (including PLOS ONE) offer a PDF version in addition to (and sometimes instead of) the full-text HTML. The PDF is typically paginated—but starting over at page 1 for each article. You’d cite something on page 8 like this:

(Jansuwan and Zander 2022, 8)

For more details, see CMOS 1.82 and 14.174.