Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. I’m editing an entry in a list of references. We are asked to provide the date of access. The date the writer accessed the material was the very same day it was published; however, it was published in the Philippines, but it was accessed in the United States. So we have an access date that is one day before the date of publication. The publisher/client thinks this looks weird. Which option do you like best/dislike least:

(1) Keep the access date as is (one day before the publication date)

(2) Change the access date info to something like “Accessed on the date of publication”

(3) Change the access date to the date of publication

(4) Something else entirely

A. Your question is a new one for us! Answer 2 looks best, with the addition of the US date, in case it matters: accessed on the date of publication (May 6, 2012, in the US).