Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. How would I cite from a curator’s statement of an art exhibit and specifically note that the curator’s statement is included in the exhibit, and is not simply a statement made in an article or interview? Perhaps something like this? Ann MacDonald, curatorial statement, Souvenir involontaire, by Melanie Rocan (Saskatoon, SK: Kenderdine Art Gallery).

A. That’s a good start. Include the usual facts (person, place, date) and explain them clearly. As you have it, however, Souvenir involontaire might be the title of the statement. If MacDonald was commenting on an exhibit of Rocan’s art, rewrite for clarity: Ann MacDonald, curatorial statement displayed in Melanie Rocan’s Souvenir involontaire exhibit, Kenderdine Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK. If possible, add a date.