Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. I am editing a book that will be published as a series of individual chapters online. The author uses the author-date system for references and footnotes. Each chapter has its own bibliography that includes references cited and other works. What format should we use for this bibliography, author followed by date (as in a reference list) or author followed by title of the work (as in the notes-bibliography system)? In the second case should the list be called Bibliography? (It includes both works cited and others.)

A. If citations are author-date, then references must also be author-date. You can find samples of Chicago-style author-date reference list entries at our Citation Quick Guide. As you can see from the guide, what you have isn’t a bibliography, which takes a different form. Works Cited or Reference List is the conventional title. Although neither of these normally contains further reading, there’s no harm in their doing so. If you want to be very clear, use the title Reference List and Further Reading.