Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. Concerning in-text citations (e.g., Jacobs 1990, 32), CMOS says that when an author’s name appears in the text, it may be omitted in the parenthetical citation (1990, 32), and that when one cites the same item more than once in a paragraph, the author and year of citations after the first may be omitted (32). Suppose a paper makes continued reference to one work throughout an entire section, spanning several pages. May the author and year be omitted throughout after the first citation? Or should they be cited once per page, or once per paragraph, or once per sentence? Or perhaps anytime there is an intervening alternative citation?

A. Certainly repeat the author and date after an intervening alternative citation. Repeat them every time they are needed, either as a reminder or when it isn’t clear otherwise who is being cited.