Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. Using the notes and bibliography style of citation, how does one cite a 1972 reprint of a Government Printing Office publication of a collection of Native American treaties in a freestanding publication entitled Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties, 7 vols.? Charles Kappler served as editor for at least volume 2, which is the only one that I have used. Volumes 1 and 2 were originally published in 1904, though the entire set has a date range of 1904–1980.

A. CMOS treats reprints at 14.114, authors and editors of multivolume works at 14.122, and public documents that are freestanding publications at 14.291. That’s a lot to juggle, but using the examples at those locations, you can fashion something reasonable. In a note citation, it’s not necessary to provide information about the entire multivolume series; it’s enough to cite the volume you are referencing: Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties, vol. 2, ed. Charles Kappler (1904; repr., Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1972).