Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. Our students often use primary source documents, and now that there are many online archives, we have a wide variety of sources from which to choose. I am trying to create a style sheet for some of the more difficult citations, and I have discovered one that does not seem to fit cleanly into any example. The website is actually an HTML version of a periodical/journal article from 1924. The periodical is part of a special collection archive housed at a university archive. Do I cite it as a periodical and leave out the university archive connection? Do I cite it as a website and leave out the periodical/journal information? There does not seem to be an example that would let me include both the archive connection and the journal information.

A. If the CMOS example that comes closest to meeting your needs doesn’t include everything you like, please don’t take it as a prohibition against adding more information. You might train your students to include the information they think is interesting, relevant, or helpful, in the order they think best serves the reader.