Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. In a footnote I have a quote that, in the original, itself has a footnote. The latter footnote (i.e., the original author’s footnote) is salient to the discussion, and I’d like to include it in my footnote. What are the mechanics to handle such a situation? Currently I have this:

1. Author (date: page) writes, “Body of quote [original author’s footnote #] ([original author’s footnote #] body of footnote).”

A. This seems more complicated than necessary. You could simplify by leaving out the note number, which conventionally would be left out in any case (see CMOS 13.7). After the close of the text quote, write “Smith adds in a note that . . .” If you like, reference the note number at the end of that quote or paraphrase, e.g., (2004, 25n16).