Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. Sometimes articles in periodicals—particularly in magazines—skip several pages. Typically, most of the article is contained on several adjacent pages, but then it finishes somewhere toward the back of the periodical. When citing such an article, how should the page numbers be listed? Should the very first and the very last pages displaying the article be shown, as in 25–62? Or should only the actual pages be indicated, as in 25–32, 62, 65, 66?

A. Neither solution is ideal; the first is misleading, and the second is just annoying. Please see CMOS 14.188: “Weekly or monthly (or bimonthly) magazines, even if numbered by volume and issue, are usually cited by date only. . . . While a specific page number may be cited in a note, the inclusive page numbers of an article may be omitted, since they are often widely separated by extraneous material.”