Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. Hello. I am seeking to include both the journal year and the publication year for an academic journal that has had delays in its production schedule. The journal provides the year 2003 following its issue number, but was published in 2007 (and the cited article is a review of a book that was itself published in 2004). Please advise on the correct bibliographic entry citation format. Thank you.

A. The citation should follow the information printed on the journal. It’s not uncommon for books and journals to appear in the year after the stated one, but it’s not feasible for a reader to investigate whether this happened and exactly when for every item she cites. If you feel you need to explain this unusually long delay, however, you can either annotate the entry in your bibliography or reference list (Published in 2007) or, if the citation closely follows the mention of the review of the 2004 book, add [sic] after the journal pub date.