Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. I’m trying to complete a bibliographic entry for a chapter in a multiauthor book. The chapter was translated from Korean into English. (The rest of the chapters have many various other translators.) How would I cite it? Where do I put the translation credit in the Chicago style citation? After the article title or after the book title?

A. When you have a special instance not covered in CMOS, fish around until you see something similar and follow the pattern. You might base your citation on CMOS 14.104 (“Editor or translator in addition to author”), 14.107 (“Contribution to a multiauthor book”), and 14.122 (“Authors and editors of multivolume works”). You don’t want to imply that the translator of the chapter was the translator of the entire book, so put the translator’s name after the chapter title:

13. Author’s Name, “Chapter Title,” trans. Translator’s Name, in Name of Multiauthor Book, ed. Editors’ Names (Place: Publisher, Date), page numbers.