Citation, Documentation of Sources

Q. Perhaps you can help me. How do I format a second footnote for an article in an edited anthology (more than two editors), when the anthology already has been cited fully in another footnote for a different article in the same anthology? Must I write the complete citation for the anthology for every article contained within it?

A. Once the full facts of publication for the anthology have been presented, you may use the short form (N.B.: my example is partly made up; I don’t have the anthology handy):

17. Emily Dickinson, “After Great Pain a Formal Feeling Comes,” in The Norton Anthology of American Literature, ed. Nina Baym (New York: Norton, 1998), 1:33–38.

24. James Russell Lowell, “To the Dandelion,” in Baym, Norton Anthology, 1:77.

For a discussion of short forms of titles, see CMOS 14.33.