Q. Are menu items such as “Bananas Foster” capitalized?

Q. Hi all, I’m wondering if “thai” in “pad thai” should be capitalized? Thank you!

Q. With the rise of verbs that have specific connotations in social media (like, follow, comment, etc.), how should they be styled? In this case, it’s important to specify the user take an action on a specific social media platform. My instinct is to capitalize: “Give the post a Like. Leave a Comment. Make sure to Follow the account.” Should I be using scare quotes instead, or are these terms ubiquitous enough that lowercase will be clear in an instructional sense? Thanks for your help!

Q. Are English translations of Native American terms for place-names treated like proper nouns and capitalized? For example, would you refer to Dook’o’oosłííd (Diné for Gleaming Summit)? Or should it be Dook’o’oosłííd (Diné for gleaming summit).

Q. In your follow-up answer to the question about capitalization for Rage Against the Machine, do you mean “eponymous” when you say “self-titled”? Arguably all albums are self-titled.

Q. In a recent Q&A, you discussed how to style the title of a musical group, Rage Against the Machine. But couldn’t you just look up what the original source uses?

Q. Should we apply headline-style capitalization to band names and other proper names containing prepositions? Is it Rage against the Machine or Rage Against the Machine, for example? Thank you!

Q. I’m having trouble explaining to my organization why “the internet” is now lowercase “i.” We do follow CMOS style, but the Internet Society and some others are insisting otherwise. Can I get an explanation that I can use? Not seeing any in the manual.

Q. Would “secretary of homeland security” be lowercase in a sentence without that person’s name?

Q. Hello! I’m wondering if you can give me some guidance on flight numbers. Chicago doesn’t seem to mention them, but flights appear to be capitalized when they follow the airline’s name from what I can see online—for example, Pan Am Flight 103 (the one in the Lockerbie bombing). So I’m thinking a flight should be, say, “flight 900” when used alone (as in “I took flight 900 to Geneva”), or Big Airline Flight 900 when it appears after an airline’s name. Does that sound about right to you? Many thanks!