Q. Does your manual include the standard format for business letters? That is, alignment on page, where date and address appear, spacing, signature line, etc. I’m having trouble locating the format that is used in the industry today. Thanks.

Q. Are there any books that assist in web content (APA style)?

Q. Somewhere I picked up the “fact” that the numbering system used in the Chicago Manual of Style was modeled after that of Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. Is this “fact” a fact or have I slipped a cog? Is it mentioned in the CMOS?

Q. Dear CMOS Editors, I once had an editing professor tell me, “Read through your style guides a few times. You won’t remember every rule that’s in there, but hopefully when you see something peculiar, a bell will go off in your head and you can look it up.” Her advice has worked like a charm with the AP guide (a mere 400 pages). Problem is, CMOS is a pretty hefty manual to read through a few times start to finish! Can you SuperEditors offer a little advice on memorizing CMOS enough to get those little bells to go off in my head?

Q. Our department’s editorial manual includes a list of cities in the United States and other countries that can be referred to in display type or running text without giving the state or country designation. This list has apparently been in use for many years, but none of our current staff can be sure of its source! Does CMOS include an authoritative list of these cities?

Q. Which manual of style is the oldest in the world? Is it The Chicago Manual of Style? I’m a Brazilian teacher, and I am doing a paper about style books.