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In response to our readers’ requests for more and newer examples, we have created this page so that those of you who use The Manual most can help build up our store of examples. If you are willing to share examples of actual citations you’ve encountered lately in your writing, editing, or reading, we may add them to the Citation Quick Guide, one of the most visited pages at The Chicago Manual of Style Online

There are two categories of citation examples you can submit:

           Familiar sources. These are citations for source types that are already discussed in chapters 14 and 15. Add an example and choose the category that best fits it. We’re looking especially for sources recently published or with unusual elements.

           Other types of sources. These include citations for anything not specifically covered in The Manual. We’ve suggested a few categories below to get you started, but you can also select “Other” if your example doesn’t fit neatly into the drop-down categories or if you don’t know exactly what it is.

Each time you submit, you can include one example of either type or one of both. No need to worry about what style the citation is in. It can be a bibliography entry or a note, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Chicago or APA or MLA or something else; we can reformat it in Chicago style. Simply cut and paste. Return as many times as you’d like to submit more examples.

Use the comments field to tell us what you think about Chicago-style documentation or to comment on this effort to gather additional examples. Are there any categories you would like to see us add?

We just might end up using one of your examples in the Quick Guide or maybe someday a future edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.

Thank you for your input!


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Familiar Sources

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Other Types of Sources

Submitters give their content freely and without recompense or attribution. Published citations may be edited. All submissions are subject to the terms and conditions of this site.