CMOS for PerfectIt Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I update my CMOS account so that my email address matches the one I use for my PerfectIt account?

A: Log in to your CMOS Online account and click on your name in the upper right corner. This will bring you to your "My Account" page where you can edit your email address, log in and password information, automatic or traditional renewal settings, etc.

Q: What is the source of the CMOS style sheet in PerfectIt?

A: The style sheet is based on the seventeenth edition of CMOS. It was developed in collaboration by staff of The University of Chicago Press and Intelligent Editing. It is the only official Chicago Style check available on the market.

Q: Does CMOS for PerfectIt contain everything from the seventeenth edition of the Manual?

A: No. This product is limited to guidance on preferences, style, and usage. We intend to continue to improve the features, including a plan for references and citations in the future. Updates will be included with your subscription to PerfectIt.

Q: I have a trial subscription. Can I use CMOS for PerfectIt with a trial?

A: No, only paid subscribers to both products can access the Chicago Style sheet in PerfectIt.

Q: Who can access CMOS for PerfectIt?

A: All concurrent subscribers to both CMOS Online and PerfectIt can access the Chicago Style check. Both accounts must use the exact same email address to install the CMOS setting within PerfectIt. If you currently access CMOS Online via an institutional subscription, please contact the CMOS Help Desk to verify and authenticate. [Note: You will need to use your institutional email address for your PerfectIt subscription.]

Q: How do I get a PerfectIt subscription?

A: You can subscribe to PerfectIt from Intelligent Editing. Note you cannot access CMOS for PerfectIt via a trial subscription to either service.

Q: Is CMOS for PerfectIt really FREE? I.e. Do I have to pay extra to use Chicago Style in PerfectIt?

A: Yes and no. CMOS for PerfectIt is a free benefit for subscribers to both services. Once you subscribe to both, activation is free of charge.

Q: Can I subscribe to both services at the same time?

A: No. To simplify the process for authenticating all customer types, you must subscribe separately to each service. You must subscribe to PerfectIt from Intelligent Editing. You also can subscribe to CMOS Online. As long as your subscriptions are simultaneously active, you can access CMOS for PerfectIt.

Q: Can I see a preview of CMOS for PerfectIt?

A: No, but you can see a video of the feature, and you can read product reviews .

Technical Support Questions

Q: I don't have a key to unlock The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt. How do I get one?

A: To access your key, please login to your PerfectIt account and link to your CMOS Online account. Once linked, you can install the feature. If you do not receive a key, please email

Q: When I try to link my PerfectIt account to my CMOS Online subscription, why does it say that my email does not match? 

A: The email address that you use for each account must be an exact match. If you use a different email to access one of the subscriptions, please update one account to match the other and try to link your accounts again. If you access CMOS Online via an institutional account, please verify by contacting the CMOS Help Desk.

Q: I access CMOS Online via my Editors Canada membership. Can I get CMOS for PerfectIt?

A: No. Because of the nature of the agreement between CMOS and Intelligent Editing it is impossible to extend access to this additional feature free of charge. Similar to members of all other societies and associations, members of Editors Canada will need to purchase an individual subscription to CMOS. Please check the  association member benefits page for a subscription discount.

Q: What happens to my customized Chicago Style sheets in PerfectIt if my CMOS Online or PerfectIt subscription lapses?

A: Your style sheets will remain on your machine, but you will not be able to access them until you fully renew your subscriptions.

Q: Can I share my Chicago Style sheet with colleagues or friends?

A: Yes! But all parties will need subscriptions to both services for the style sheets to be accessible.

Q: Our organization has a group subscription to CMOS Online. How can we get CMOS for PerfectIt?

A: The number of CMOS Online seats must be greater than or equal to the number of PerfectIt licenses.

CMOS Online seats ≥ PerfectIt licenses

For further questions, please email the CMOS Help Desk at